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Get Cash for Gold

Got Jewelry? We got cash!

Deal starts 10/26/18

Get some extra cash for the Holidays.

Who couldn't use a few extra bucks these days? These guys will buy gold, estate jewelry Antique Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Scrap Jewelry, Designer Jewelry, High end watches, Gold Watches, Gold Dental, Gold Bars, Gold Coins, sterling silver, flatware silver coins, Bowls and more!

They will actually test your items to make sure they are authentic and of value Free of charge. They are located on Memorial Drive across the from Applebee's in the DUI plaza 4712 Memorial Drive Decatur Georgia 30032 Suite F.

Give them a call today: 404-334-0891

Deal Expires: 10/27/18


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